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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Santa Cruzan

Last summer, we took time to watch the Santa Cruzan on Pagsanjan Laguna. We were excited because we rumor said that celebrities will also be parading that time. But rumor remained a rumor. And we were not able to finish the Santa Cruzan because we (me and my wife) have to go home to Manila.

Santa Cruzan is an annual event in cities and municipalities in the Philippines. It is a Catholic event held every May. It is a march of the chosen (preferably fairest) ladies in town in tribute for the Virgin Mary.

Taking photos here gave me lots of lessons on photography:

  1. Make sure you get not only a good shooting view, but also a good background. 
  2. It's better to have people on the background instead of a truck.
  3. Cropping makes a huge difference.
  4. Don't hesitate and don't be shy to take multiple shots on the subject.
Enough of this talking, here are the pictures that I took.

Cute kids. Who can say 'no' to them?

One of my favorite subject.

Care to smile?

Guess who made this picture cute?


At last! Not a camera shy. Perfect!

Sometimes, unusual events and gestures make the picture perfect.

Another cute subject.

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