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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Conti’s Greenhills, San Juan

My wife, Cherry, has celebrated her 30th birthday last April 2. Her friends teased her to treat them for a dinner. This will serve as their get together too. They decided to have a dinner at Conti’s restaurant located at Greenhills, San Juan.

IMG_8402 copy

2 copy

Michelle, Mira and Cherry

IMG_8313 copy

3 copy

Picture taking with the kids: Arkin and Alyssa.

IMG_8293 copy

One of my favorite models.

IMG_8294 copy

IMG_8316 copy

Meal time. Shanghai Bites. P110.00

IMG_8322 copy

Mocha Frappe P125.00

IMG_8334 copy

Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce. P295.00

IMG_8335 copy

Chicken Ballotine. P250.00

IMG_8338 copy

Linguine in Pesto Sauce (with seafood) P295.00

IMG_8342 copy

Hearty Club Sandwich. P245.00

IMG_8345 copy

IMG_8343 copy

Chicken Lollies. P195.00

IMG_8346 copy

Japanese Fried Rice. This goes with the Chicken Teriyaki.

IMG_8326 copy

Chicken Teriyaki. P195.00

IMG_8320 copy

Mango Bravo (Mini). P625.00

IMG_8321 copy

Upon learning that it was my wife’s birthday treat, the crew displayed his artistic talent.

IMG_8354 copy

IMG_8358 copy

IMG_8359 copy

Candle blowing.

IMG_8362 copy

She has to have one too. = )

IMG_8363 copy

This blog’s president and her first lady.

IMG_8371 copy

Isn’t she cute?

IMG_8372 copy

Mother and son.

IMG_8373 copy

Family portrait.

IMG_8376 copy

Expanded family portrait.

IMG_8377 copy

IMG_8388 copy

Another candle blowing.

IMG_8390 copy

She can handle these.

IMG_8401 copy


We had great experience this night. Not only we had long hours of chat, the food was great too and the service. The crews are friendly. All of the food we ordered tastes amazing! I can give them a rating of five stars. Although the place is a bit small, but the food’s taste will make up for it.

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