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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alyssa's 3rd Birthday

This is another one of my kid's birthday party coverage. It was held last December 4 2011 at the Jollibee fast food restaurant in Quezon City, Philippines. It was a dark, stormy night... I mean, it was a rainy day that day but what made me a bit disappointed was I, as a photographer, was late at the party. In fact, I almost missed the party. Minutes after we (me and my wife) arrived, the party ended. I was just lucky enough to arrive with numbers of people still at the venue to take photos to. 
Here are the photos I took, as fast as I can:

The birthday girl, Alyssa

The fast food restaurant's mascot, Jollibee himself.

Alyssa, watching the dancing mascot.

Shiny armor. 

(clockwise) Alyssa, mom, little bro Arkin, and dad.

 Precious moments.

Mom wishing her a good life in the future.

Celebrant's cousin, Cielo. 

Celebrant's lil' bro, Arkin with grandma.

Caught in my lens.

Ad material.

My lovely wife, Arkin and Mira.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Affordable Tasty Seafoods At Dampa (on Sunday Night Part 2)

So, after our stroll on the Resorts World Manila, we went to Dampa for a tasty dinner. Dampa is located at the Seaside Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City. It is a place where you shop your desired seafood on the wet market near the long line of restaurants. There are lots of fresh seafood to choose from and they are high-grade meaty seafood. After shopping for your crave, you will bring your chosen seafood on your preferred restaurant and ask them to cook the seafood the way you want it.

Restaurants on this area will charge you based on per kilo of your merchandise. So it is necessary to buy each kind of seafood in a flat kilos, no halves and fourths.

Almost all of the restaurants have closed, air-conditioned  area if you want your dine to be more private and they also offer an open area if you want to match your fresh seafood with fresh air. Some of the restaurants offers live music at night. 

We usually visit Dampa at night as it is an ideal time for us to get together for a fine dining.

 This is the restaurant's back view.

Me n' my wife Cherry.

My wife and her gal pals.

They can get so serious at times.

...and get posh.

These are our favorite seafood. The Shrimp was bought P350 per kilo.

The crab is P400 per kilo.

Tuna belly. 280 per kilo. The restaurant charge P190 for cooking per kilo. Plus service charge of ten percent.

Time to munch.

I'll see you again, soon!

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Passing Time At The Resorts World Manila on Sunday Night Part 1

Last week, we decided to hang out on one of the most famous mall in the Philippines, The Resorts World Manila. The mall is located at the Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Cybertourism Zone, Pasay. This stands across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Our initial plan is to watch a movie. But it never pushed through so we decided to just stroll inside the mall and have a tasty dinner later.

We also took pictures inside. But let me warn you. Some mall doesn't allow picture taking inside. I even ask the security for permission to do this. He gave me the go signal and here are the products:

My wife (on black) and friends, Mira and Mitch...and a kid. Alyssa.

The kid. One of our favorite.

My wife. Again. Taking opportunity.

Baby Arkin and big sister Alyssa. 

Playing with the kids.

Currently showing that time is the play Von Trapp

Outside the mall.

Getting back inside. Again with the Von Trapp kids.

This is the area of the mall that features the dining and fine restaurants.

Heading for the planned dining location.

The nice views doesn't stop inside the mall. This pond is just beside the mall near the parking lot.

The tower beside the mall.

Now, it's dinner time.
To be concluded...

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