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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Satisfy Your Hunger and Sight on Isdaan Floating Restaupark in Bay, Laguna

Last Halloween, we visited the Bay, Laguna Isdaan Restaupark ( Isdaan restaurant and park). This is a huge park with lots of small bamboo houses as a cottage dining for Kamayan Restaurant. If you're looking for a nice comfortable place to dine with lots of marvelous views and statues for picture taking, this is a great place to be.

The entrance to Isdaan Floating Restaurant which can be viewed along the highway.

The place has huge statues like this one that are hard to miss.

My wife taking opportunities.

One of the fresh dining houses inside the park.

This is the first life-size statue that will welcome you when you enter the park.

The way inside the park.

Batman is one of the great statues featured inside the park.

The Restaupark has singing waiters that will serenade you while you're dining.

 Mickey Mouse visits the park. It's one of the life-size statues.

 Angry Birds came out of the computer.

Another Walt Disney local.

Magician's stage.

The park has lots of native materials like this bamboo house.

Jurassic-size parrots.

Planet of the Apes.

The colorful singing waiters.

Uh.., not a real security.

Speaking of Jurassic... the freshly hatched Author.

Nothing to fear here. Just crocs statues beside the dining area.

Large Buddhas like this one are one of the attractions of the park.

Top view of the small portion of the park.

President Obama in the house.

Kingkong monument.

 Ape looking around.

 Finders Keepers

This is a real one. Worth the place in my memory card.

One of the park's super heroes.

Souvenir store.

Local species

Just fooling around with the statues. Really.

One of the 'Main' attractions

 Give me liberty.

Mountain view from the park.

This one is really cool. You can pay to throw plates and other ceramic stuff at the wall with writings. The writings represents your anger on different kinds of people such as robbers, swindlers, ex-wife, ex-boyfriends, cheaters, you name it.

This wall features the Kapampangan word Tacsiyapo, which is equivalent to an angry or irritated expression.

You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry!

House of the Presidents

Native food store.

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