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Monday, February 13, 2012

Unlimited Feast on Kamayan

Last Sunday, February 12, me and my wife went to have a lunch at the Kamayan restaurant in SM Megamall. We consider it as a Valentine's date cause we don't like to squeeze in on heavy traffic and a stampede of lovers. 

Kamayan is known for great, tasty Filipino dishes. As we prepared for buffet/eat-all-you-can meal, we tried almost all that is in the buffet. We also took pictures to some of our meal.

This dish is called Lumpiang Sariwa or Veggie Lumpia. It contains various combination of vegetables inside its wrapper and a tasty sauce.

In this plate, you'll see a mini-taco, cake, hotdog in stick wrapped in waffle and a burrito. 

You can make your own dessert in Kamayan including this Halo-Halo.

My wife having the time of her life...

Forced to smile...

We love seafood! It's a combination of clam shell, green mussel, and squid in a tasty sauce (we think it tomato sauce). Other dish in the plate is Kare-Kare (we love to repeat words in Filipino language) and Relyenong Bangus.

My plate is a combination of seafood and meat.

Another meat featured but roasted.

After our meal, we toured inside the mall and saw this art exhibit. We met a professional photographer inside the exhibit and did us a huge favor of taking our picture.