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Friday, November 11, 2011

Affordable Tasty Seafoods At Dampa (on Sunday Night Part 2)

So, after our stroll on the Resorts World Manila, we went to Dampa for a tasty dinner. Dampa is located at the Seaside Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City. It is a place where you shop your desired seafood on the wet market near the long line of restaurants. There are lots of fresh seafood to choose from and they are high-grade meaty seafood. After shopping for your crave, you will bring your chosen seafood on your preferred restaurant and ask them to cook the seafood the way you want it.

Restaurants on this area will charge you based on per kilo of your merchandise. So it is necessary to buy each kind of seafood in a flat kilos, no halves and fourths.

Almost all of the restaurants have closed, air-conditioned  area if you want your dine to be more private and they also offer an open area if you want to match your fresh seafood with fresh air. Some of the restaurants offers live music at night. 

We usually visit Dampa at night as it is an ideal time for us to get together for a fine dining.

 This is the restaurant's back view.

Me n' my wife Cherry.

My wife and her gal pals.

They can get so serious at times.

...and get posh.

These are our favorite seafood. The Shrimp was bought P350 per kilo.

The crab is P400 per kilo.

Tuna belly. 280 per kilo. The restaurant charge P190 for cooking per kilo. Plus service charge of ten percent.

Time to munch.

I'll see you again, soon!

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