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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nature Tripping at the Japanese Garden

If you're looking for a place or a park to unwind with your family and/or friends and take pictures, this is one of the best places. Although there are not much astonishing buildings and infrastructures inside, the nature is always good enough to take my breath away (whew!).

Let us take you inside and have glimpse on our Adventure!

The moment I first visit this place, I was excited when we entered the park. The place is best for nature tripping, a great escape from the hassle of rural places. The park is located at the Kaliraya, Laguna. The whole Kaliraya mountain is a whole bunch of perfect getaways. Along the way to the top, you can see the abandoned lighthouse, also great for taking pictures, and the topmost of the mountain is the man made Lake Kaliraya with the Kaliraya Re-creation Center at the middle of the Lake. At this place, there are numbers of resorts beside the Recreation Center to choose from, including the famous Lagos del Sol (which will be featured here soon. Watch out for it!)

The Japanese Garden has a very cheap entrance fee for P10 per head. But the experience you will get inside is far way worthy and unforgettable.

There is one suggestion that I could say, though. I hope they invest more in this park for further development and improvement. In doing this, it will surely attract more tourist. The view is already magnificent. It just needs more investments.

This pictures was taken from our visit here on the summer of 2011.

This view will welcome you when you enter the park.

My wife and her cousins.

A nice view of the pond.

Perfect for the Halloween.

The park has flying brooms that you can rent to tour the place. Joke.

Perfect landscapes... and model too.

The author.

The place is high, located at the top of the mountain and windy, which makes it perfect to fly kites.

...and bubbles.

Top view of the Lake Kaliraya from the Japanese Garden.

The Couple.

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