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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amazing Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park

We visited this amazing tourist attraction called Manila Ocean Park. This place features The Oceanarium, a wall-size aquarium with fishes that you've never seen before, even in movies. They have various sea creatures here, although they may not be complete, but enough to amaze and entertain you. The entrance cost is worth it as it will be added as an incredible experience in your life.

I have posted some of my photos I took inside the Oceanarium. The Oceanarium is just one of the many exciting attractions of the Manila Ocean Park. Have a glimpse and be mesmerized. I advice you to go see it yourself and you'll never regret the experience, that is, if you love nature.

This is the first amazing view that will welcome you inside the Oceanarium.

I'm always amazed with Crocodiles. I find them very interesting. They're huge and mighty. They are also a descendants of dinosaurs, so every time I see one, it's like having a glimpse on the past, millions of years ago.

I almost missed this one. My wife just pointed this to me and I find it incredible.

It's not common to see a sea horse in person.

This fishes amazed me. They're just steady underwater, kinda looks like they're hanging.

This is one of the many fishes with an out-of-this-world appearance. It's like an alien fish.

Another alien-like fish. This fish looks like a stone.

Clown fishes. Find Nemo.

One of the beautiful fishes inside the Oceanarium.

Potato fish. (not its real name. I just called it that)

Snake-like fish.

Another odd-looking fish.

Another long-sized fish.

Now this is one of the most odd creatures I'd seen inside. They move just like plants and they get under the sand sometimes, like someone is pulling under.

A ferocious shark. This one is a certified attention grabber.

Stingrays. Equally dangerous.

This fishes swam around this post, in unison.

Hmm... someones going to be a meal.

'you lookin' at me?

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